Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 12: The Blackball Ferry to Port Angeles And Ride to Whidbey Island, WA - 12-19-2015

So, what kind of an idiot loses his wallet between the Victoria Blackball Ferry ticket office, and the ferry loading parking lot 60 yards away?

Wait, I know I know!

The next couple of days were spent recovering from that little self-induced disaster. I already had my ferry ticket, so we all loaded up the bikes and off to Port Angeles we sailed. I was sufficiently distracted that I couldn't fully enjoy the Victoria Harbor Water Taxi Dance. I had $1.45 Canadian in my pocket and was trying to figure out how to recover. The good news is that I had a full tank of gas. The bad news is that I only $1.45 Canadian in my pocket. Hmm. Interesting new perspective on eating, sleeping, etc. 

The really good news is that I was talking to a group of other bikers when I discovered that my wallet was missing, and two of them came up to me and offered me money. There are some good, generous biker folks out there! Thank you Darryl Gretchen and Karl Dohan for loaning me enough money that I could check in to a motel room on Whidbey Island and eat dinner!

You guys are the best! And, you each just doubled your money as soon as I get back home and can mail you each a check. Pay it forward, buy yourselves some beers, whatever: I am most grateful.

My wife sent me some cash the next day via Western Union the next day, so I am in good shape for the rest of my trip.

Anyhow here's a of pic of the water taxis dancing:

On the ferry to Whidbey Island.

The first unfriendly biker I've met this trip. Figures he's riding a Beemer.

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