Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 17: Klamath Falls, OR to Susanville, CA - 7-24-2015

It was a really pretty ride the whole day.

Just south of Klamath Falls:

Later I took a detour to visit the Lava Beds National Monument to look at the lava tube caves. The caves are a constant 55F.

During the Modoc War of 1872-1873, the Modoc Indians used these tortuous lava flows of their homeland to defend their territory. Under the leadership of Native American Captain Jack, the Modocs took refuge in "Captain Jack's Stronghold", a natural lava fortress. From this base a group of 53 fighting men and their families held off US Army forces, that numbered up to ten times the Modocs' population, for five months. Gen E. R. S. Canby was killed here in April 1873 by Captain Jack at a meeting attempting to negotiate peace terms.

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